Pay it Forward

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This Saturday I stumbled on a beautiful movie, which I am glad I watched.
The best things in life I think are those we just land upon without planning, by chance.That is how we discover the best things – starting with the best restaurants, sometimes the best friends, the best jobs.The greatest things just run into you , instead of you running after them.
The movie Titanic was playing Saturday evening. I’ve watched enough of that expensively built ship , so I was lured by weekend chores. By the time things were done, it was quite late and this movie started- opening with children in a classroom at school. This was my stuff –so hubby packed up disappointed by the first sight- no guns or blood!!I decided to hang in for a while. But as the movie “Pay it Forward” unfolded, it had me stuck on it and it was not just for Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt and Osment, the movie had substance. Its not a new movie but I wonder how come I never heard about it.Yeah, I know the answer thats because I spend time at work and at home with men who would never mention a movie without bloodshed, and these guys dissociate themselves from anything remotely emotional.
The movie was soft and unsassuming but it had a message that all of us can do our bit to do some good to the world. No, I am no philanthropist, I am a common, selfish mortal but watching some good things and thinking about it leaves you elated, makes you want to hope beyond all odds.
The movie is about a school-going kid who proposes a theory about doing good to 3 strangers and ask them to pay it forward to three more people instead of paying it back. This plan has the radioactive effect and loads of people start helping each other, expecting nothing in return.
The movie has a sad end and the song ‘Calling all angels’ in the end was so touching – it was made for the situation it seems and the song had tears trickling down my cheeks. Its a beautiful song and a movie worth-watching.

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