Air Encounters

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Contrary to people who build relationships in travel, I hate talking on journeys- flights or train journeys are a time for sleeping or introspecting– well, I am a great fan of eye-shut and given the opportunity of some hours at a stretch, I jump to avail it , though I might not be sleeping all the time. I hate petty conversations with strangers and give cold looks and vague answers to those who try to talk to me. Even when with family, I take this as personal time and all attempts by people to talk, especially by hubby, fall flat.
Actually once the train starts or the flight takes off, a feeling of sudden lightness or hepllessness prevails on me, meaning that I am leaving behind things that I worry about knowing that at least for the next few hours I can’t do anything about- all worries about improving, stretching , adjusting things and matters just vanish because I am being swayed by the wheels or wings-my own feet are useless. Letting go gives tranquility and I don’t want any intrusion in that.
This time while in India, we were aboard the Jet airways flight from Indore to Delhi and I was on my shut-eye status, which I quickly escape into as soon as I fasten my seatbelt. Breakfast was served – some veggie sandwich which I devoured in the silent-don’t talk to me mode. After a while some voices snatched my attention.
My husband was speaking to the air-hostess, referring to our son –
‘Ma,m ,can you get something different for the kid, he’s not eating the sandwich.’
The pretty one , I assumed without looking, turned to my 4-year old and asked his likes and dislikes and he replied in his firang accent – ‘ I don’t wanna eat this. I kinda like the pineapple jam and not them- leaves and tomatoes’.
Guess she was impressed by his english or by my husband’s little preserved somewhat-good looks and she was –‘Sir, do you work for the Army or Airforce’.And there, he got to flaunt his NRI status. She left gracefully to be back with some bread and jam and as she was leaving, I half-opened an eye and sneaked a glance- well she was Ok , I mean for her job but didn’t look threatening I decided, considering I hold a high opinion of myself. So I decided to keep the mute on.
She was back with the dainty jam sandwich which I guess she made especially with her hands. Now my son was being addressed by his name – ‘So Ishaan , you happy now’. And once again the focus shifted to hubby-‘Sir is it difficult to get a job in the USA’ and his answer stumped me – ‘Wouldn’t be really difficult for a person with your skills!’ So, flirting was in the air and names were being exchanged and so forth. Tragically the flight was too short and landing was announced and she promised to see them(not me) again at the exit.And while we were disembarking, she was there with a huge bagful of Alpenliebe candies and a big smile. Thanks to a son with American accent and a what-he-should-not-be husband.
Once on the ground , hubby whispered to me –‘ Wo airhostess bahut line maar rahi thi.’ ‘Oh really, which one?’ , I said, nonplussed -awoken abruptly from my slumber.

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