Who is in charge?

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So many times I wonder, what is different?Why are they treated so nicely and pampered and cherished and praised and appreciated all the time? Why does the scale always tilt in their favor?And whats wrong with us?

And after pondering and reflecting and wrecking my brains, it seems the difference is their non-working housewife , stay-at-home mom status.I disagree with those who say that working, independent women are the most powerful. Of course leaving out those women stuck with lunatic male-chauvinistic husbands, I think non-working wives are the real women who hold the reins.
I guess the very fact that they are dependent makes the husbands go all mushy about them. Because my kid is dependent on me , I feel so protective about him, the same applies to men. We ,the bad working ones are those who neglect their prime responsibility of a woman- of waiting at home for them to return.Well I cook, clean , scrub,mop,wipe, bathe the kid , feed him, pack his lunch, do laundry and fold it and pick up things and put them back in place- I don’t want to go on a self-appreciation spree by increasing the list, though I think I should!!
But what I don’t do is sit and wait with the dinner ready, well I have the dinner ready but the most important aspect that they love is having someone sit and wait on them. That is the thing that has those men revolving around their little fingers. They have them running to stores at midnight to fetch one little thing , they have them plan outings on weekends, they have them buy expensive gifts for them, they have them babysit for kids on weekends.At the drop of a hat, at the blink of an eye, whatever you say madame.
They are the delicate ones , the real feminine while we have hardened into steel- yes I feel that the tendons and sinews are replaced with concrete and steel.So we don’t have a right to be tired.After all, the whole day we are donning a cap belonging to someone else, while the real befitting cap of a homemaker,caretaker is waiting at home-quickly change the cap and do what you are supposed to do. Take care of others while we are not to taken care of because we the strong ones can take care of ourselves.
And we are to blame for that. I have a backache but I got to get to work, so I will pop a pill and get going. We are adept at mending and repairing and recharging ourselves ,while they are the ones getting backrubs and what not. And “Oh, I have an headache” -“Don’t worry I will get the kids ready”.Or “My back hurts.” – “Don’t bother, we will order food.” These are the privileges enjoyed by them.While we have no respite since we are not used to letting out such complaints.
Those men go gaga over their wives , just give them a chance to unleash accolades for their wives.While there is no appreciation for anything we do.Because its not enough, nothing can compensate our going to work. Because it’s our choice, for men it is a must to work. So they have to relax on weekends after hectic work weeks , while we are supposed to catch up on our homely duties. We don’t need a break because work is supposed to be our break, as if we get a paycheck for playing golf.
Considering all this, sometimes I strongly feel I should quit work and enjoy being a woman as they do.

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