The white clad

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What kind of a youngster spends Rs 60 -70 K per day , sniffs 15K worth of cocaine in a night out of crisp 500 Rs notes and never gets noticed? The kid of a businessman ,filmstar or politician- no prizes for guessing that. A business tycoon dad works hard, greases palms does whatever but earns his money for the kiddo to squander. Movie stars also earn their money, whether they are exorbitantly paid is another debate. But what about the last multicrore baby – where does his dad get the cash for blowing away?

That cash is every honest working taxpayer’s money, the 30% share of his blood and sweat that goes to the government treasury every month. It is every person’s money that is neatly diverted from projects like building roads, producing electricity and clean water to the potbellies of these leaders- perpetually smiling -always seen in public with folded hands – the picture of humility,the epitome of patriotism.They snatch the morsels of food from millions of mouths to lay a king’s buffet for the royal son. The white of their attire dazzles the common eye and makes it blind,oblivious of their sin.

Coming to context, this is about the blaring news of Junior Mahajan’s arrest following cocaine scandal and the details that are coming to light – spending 70k per day et al.
I am not an active follower of political news and politicians, I don’t even read about them, let alone comment on it. I don’t want to think about those who play God every minute and twist and turn and snap the strings of human lives in the name of religion, caste, language and also without any pretext.I don’t believe in any political party or any leader. But the comment by our magnanimous former Prime Minister that it is just a juvenile mistake to be blamed on young age , has sent my blood boiling. What kind of youth commits such mistake- not the one who foregoes a meal to buy a favorite movie ticket, not the one who waits a long 365 days to buy a new pair of clothes.

And more important is the fact that all this has reached our eyes and ears just because dad is no more. I can bet had Mr Dad been alive,these small flames would have been snubbed out before venturing out, everything stashed under covers with seal of the smile of the dazzling white. Case closed. Or it would have taken a 360 degree turn and evoked public sympathy by citing it as an attack on the darling devil and to write volumes on how he emerged from a crisis. Such is the power of position and money – a potent amalgam in which these little saplings are imbued since birth. Dad ,the God smiles on them and shelters them from the minutest grain of pain and worry.

It makes my flesh creep to think how many skeletons each one of these white ones have in their closets. Although all their ribbon-cutting and hand-shaking and oath-taking is visible to the public eye, their private lives are totally cordoned off and just a while after this one protective iron hand is snatched away by death, look what spills out of the cosy sacrosanct living room.

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