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Aamir, Shahrukh-mature Bollywood

The human mind knows no bounds, it can relate, correlate, creating a mosaic when least unexpected. The other day, I had scribbled some of views of ageing. And today while driving to work, as the music from hindi movie Veer Zara filled my car, I could not help draw parallelism.

As I listened to those golden songs, pictures of Sharukh Khan loomed before me. I have never liked the big Khan the way I admired him in that movie. He was awesome, an eternal romantic. And the last dialogue that he delivered in the movie is unforgettable,the way he says – ‘Main qaidi number 786…’. The perspicuity of his voice, the weight of it loaded with emotions – it delivered the crux of the whole movie itself. It made me cry, my heart went out for that man as if it were his real life. Marvellous, unerasable.

Can I remember any lines he said in his earlier movies –Baazigar etc- No!!

Also I watched Aamir Khan’s Rang De Basanti which was too good.The mischief in Aamir’ s eyes when he was teasing the English actress was real, so natural .Also the intense look on his face which adorns the posters of his movie Lagaan is an example of perfection. This is what is called doing the job right.

Can I say something like that about his movies like Dil etc- No!!

I am a movie buff , looking for Bollywood newsbits always, and somewhere I read that Aamir and Shahrukh had turned 40 in 2005.
So this was it… . it was their age, their maturity which was behind memorable performances. These masterpieces were delivered when they were near 40 !! They could not have done it in their earlier years. No newcomer can ever come close to it.

It seems that these guys know themselves. They are not conscious of the camera, but stare at it straight, standing firm and balanced. Their legs and voice don’t shake , they don’t have to make an effort anymore. They have established themselves. And only the belief in self can give such confidence. This belief comes with age. This fact is writ all over.

Who ever cursed coming of age?

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