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We all get zillions of looks by different eyes, every day. The language that the eyes speak and the heart hears is unmistakable. No matter how the movement of lips tries to delude the ears, but the eyes give it away. They speak the truth. So whenever in doubt, trust the eyes, not the lips.

If what you are saying is different from what your eyes mean to say, you can be safe by not looking at the other person in the eye or by wearing sun-glasses. Otherwise, you will get caught.

At work the boss says – “Good Morning, how are you” matched with a “Yesterday was the deadline, where are we?” look.

A colleague says –“I like your shirt” matched with a “High time you realized what colors suit you” look.

A subordinate says – “Lets party for your promotion, Boss” with a “I worked and you took the credit” look.

A hostess says –“Welcome, happy to see you” with a “Eat and get lost” look.

The guest says –“Thanks for the evening” with a “Glad its over” look.

The person next-door says –“Come home sometime” with a “Hope that time never comes” look.

A man stands when a pregnant woman colleague enters a meeting room saying – “Please take my seat” matched with a “Go home if you want to be treated special” look.

The waitress at a restaurant when asked for a refill of a drink smiles -“My pleasure” with a “Don’t forget to leave a heavy tip” look.

The store-attendant says -“Take your time” with a “Get lost if you don’t want to buy” look.

The husband says- “I am sorry darling” with a “I don’t mean it, but hope this puts out the fire” look.

The wife says -“O, I forgot to add sugar in your tea” with a “Serves you right” look.

The girlfriend says – “Cant wait to spend Valentine’s day with you ” with a “Dare you get only roses for me this time.” look.

The boyfriend says – “Where would you like to dine today” with a “It better not be expensive” look.

The mom-in-law says to daughter-in-law at the dinner table – “This is delicious” with a “When will you learn to cook” look.

The fiancée says -“I love your sense of humor” with a “Do I have to wait till marriage to tell that your jokes are sickening” look.

The relative says – “Hope you could have stayed with us some more days” with a “Hurry, I can’t afford your missing the train” look.

In a public play area, on hearing a child’s shriek, one mom says to the other – “Sorry , my kid hurt him” with a “Your kid asked for it” look.

The bride’s unmarried friend says at the marriage -“You two make a wonderful couple” with a “You didn’t deserve him, bitch” look.

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