Catch a breath:Don’t take a break

The other day I was narrating the famous hare and turtle story to my kid where a turtle wins over a hare in a race.The story has the bottomline

I finished the story but it sort of lingered in my mind – where did the hare go wrong?Is it wrong to be fast and energetic.Absolutely not.
What made the turtle a hero and hog the limelight?

Then it struck me that it was the simple and innocent thing we all do everyday – take a break.
The hare took a break and the break took him. That break for him was like wet mud after the rain, he stepped on it and his feet could go only down.
The story would have been totally different if the hare just took a deep breath and reached the finish line ,after which he could take a break, no matter how long.

I believe one should take a deep breath when needed.
The breath should be deep enough,long enough to carry oxygen from the lungs to each and every artery,muscle in your body.After that breath, continue and get the job done.
A break, which seems to be harmless, can at times do much damage.
It is like your little kid, adorable and innocent, constantly tugging at your sleeve, urging to come and play with him when you are doing something important.You can ask him in vain to stop but finally you do give in, fall into the trap and you go deep down into it.You forget what you were doing,what you were thinking.The eyes lose focus faster than you can imagine.
And once somebody slips on a small task,it affects the whole chain of events.
It reminds of an incident somebody told me about a car accident.
Tens of cars were lined at a traffic signal.The last one in the queue was hit from behind by a fast approaching car and the impact propagated, hitting all the cars in the line down to the first car.
This is how things and people are lined up in the small grey matter of the brain.A little slip can have a great snowball effect.
So when needed, take a breath, thank God for the strength and the lungfull of air and dont stop till its done.Dont let a break lure you.
And its is not all about work or career, its about life.Its about all those you love seeing or hearing.Always, always appreciate them.Dont let that sleazy turtle take that little spot of yours while you were on a break.
I cant imagine being forgotten by somebody I value and cherish.So, dont ever take a break from loving and thinking about those people, who you carry in your heart and who are yours.Not a minute.That little minute can alienate them, take them far from you, down a road with fog so thick that however hard you strain your eyes, you wouldnt find them.

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